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Ina Norrman is a visual artist and designer-maker living in London with a background in psychology. Interested in the intimacy between environments and people, she explores this topic by use of materials, processes and objects created. Deconstructed environments can be seen as the inspiration for her jewellery in the contrasting shapes and textures used.

Ethical and environmentally sound materials and practices are paramount in Ina's work.

Questions relating to how we understand the world around us and how objects and environments influence us are of a keen interest to Ina. As well as how processes of making can engage people on social topics and the therapeutic benefits of creativity and making. As a result of these interests Ina, together with two other creatives set up 'Collective Exchange' during a Designer in Residency at Middlesex University in 2016. Collective Exchange is a community based exploration in how  making processes can bring communities together, exploring historical and contemporary topics as well as unveiling stories and a sense of belonging. Since the pandemic CE is currently not active. However, you can find out about previous collaborations bellow.

'Collective Exchange's blog can be followed at

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